The IAHCN is a non profit, education-based, state wide affiliation of law enforcement professionals who have an expertise in Hostage/Crisis Negotiations.  This is a specialty within law enforcement that began developing over thirty years ago when law enforcement Officers were confronted by very high profile, violent and intense standoffs between law enforcement and hostage-taking criminal perpetrators.

The IAHCN helps those within this profession to improve their skills by providing excellent training.  Training is an investment for each Officer, each department and each community.  The IAHCN strives to help provide each of our members the best possible chance of success when confronted with life or death incidents that all too often occur within this specialty of law enforcement.  The IAHCN salutes the dedication that all law enforcement Officers make to the protection of our families and the citizens of our communities.  We are especially proud of those willing to place themselves in some of the most stressful, violent and sad situations and remain "on point."